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18th-Aug-2008 10:39 am - The war diary
This blog is translation in English from diary of Tzhinval citizen, who saw the war by his own eyes.

10th-Aug-2008 05:10 pm - Crime without Punishment

UNSC still refuses to believe in the humanitarian catastrophe in the area of South Ossetia and qualify Georgia actions as genocide. The leadership of Russia has decided to give the world community documentary evidence, and ombudsman Vladimir Lukin proposed the creation of an international tribunal to punish those responsible

Moscow. August 10. INTERFAX.RU - On Sunday Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Vladimir Lukin called for the creation of an international tribunal to bring to justice the perpetrators of the destruction of thousands of residents of South Ossetia.

"I am deeply convinced that it is necessary at very serious international level to find responsibles and those responsible brought to the legitimate international court" - Lukin told journalists.

He believes that "this is specifically to make an international tribunal, made repeatedly as the international tribunals for other cases of mass extermination of people and massive destruction of cities."

Will the call of Ombudsman be heard ? While the world community refuses to recognize showing on the ground Southern Osetia genocide and humanitarian catastrophe.

Last night the UN Security Council once again failed to adopt a resolution requiring end the bloodshed, and the task of punishing the aggressor Russia had to cope alone.

According to Chairman of the Council of Permanent Representative of Belgium to the UN John Graulsa, for two days SB members tried to work out the text of a statement acceptable to all parties, "but this has proved very difficult, if not impossible."

"We concluded that it is very difficult, even impossible, to find a common field for statements," - confessed to the Belgian diplomat.

Russia Permanent Representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin was unable to persuade colleagues - especially from the U.S. and Britain that it is the word "genocide" most accurately reflects the essence of the Georgian authorities' action.

Churkin told the television channel "Vesti 24 ", even before the meeting, a member of the UN Security Council asked the president if it is possible to take developments in South Ossetia genocide, whether the number of victims has reached a sufficient level.

"I answered him: 2 thousand dead, more than 30 thousand refugees - is this enough for you? How many there must be killed, that you finally admitted it genocide?" -- Churkin said.

Probably soon Russia will be able to submit a lack of faith and documentary evidence of crimes.

Following a night meeting between President Dmitry Medvedev with Premier Vladimir Putin, returned from Vladikavkaz, the head of state decided to entrust the military prosecutor's office documenting the crimes committed against the civilian population in South Ossetia.

"I naturally give such an order" - said the head of state, having heard the story about Putin's meetings with the refugees.

"I must honestly say, a very heavy feeling, people find themselves in difficult life situations, it is mostly women, the elderly, children. " - said Putin.

"But draws special attention to itself - what they told, these episodes, they told already go well beyond the understanding of warfare" - the Prime Minister.

"These are the elements of a genocide of Ossetian people" - Putin added.

He called it "a clear crime against peaceful civilian population."

"It would be correct if you directed the military prosecutor's office documenting the manifestations of this kind, especially as the general population of South Ossetia - that citizens of Russia" - appealed to President Putin.

While agreeing with this proposal, Medvedev expressed the view that all the atrocities must be carefully documented and subsequently subjected to the scrutiny - "until the criminal responsibility of specific individuals, their perpetrators".

Meanwhile, Ombudsman Lukin, warned against the temptation to convert the problem of finding specific criminals into inter-ethnic confrontation.

"Here, there are always people who ordered and there are always people who exercise those orders ruthlessly cynical. Very many people by nationality Georgians who live among us, living in the territory of Russia, and also in Georgia, perhaps are facing this tragedy no less, then us "- finds a defender.

Perhaps the search for the perpetrators of the tragedy - is a long-going business, the urgent task - to take care of the victims.

Putin at today's meeting with Medvedev recalled that the Government has formulated a separate program to assist in the reconstruction of housing in South Ossetia.

"We now need to understand the scale of destruction, it is clear that it is a huge, but at the first stage believe possible, and we worked with the Ministry of Finance, allocated to these needs at least 10 billion rubles (almost 417 million US dollars). We are ready to increase this amount, but it can be do after serious analysis of the real situation at the time of recovery, "- said Putin.

"Let's take all necessary decisions" - said in response to this Medvedev.

Today, the telephone conference chap MOE Russia Sergey Shoygu in Vladikavkaz gave instructions on the adoption of priority measures to rebuild housing and systems of life in South Ossetia.

According to the head of the department of information and public relations MOE Russia Irina Andrianova, has already produced six water purification stations and 33 autonomous power plant, which is scheduled to send to South Ossetia.

Pursued the issue of providing actors Southern Federal District of humanitarian assistance in the form of building materials for the rapid start of reconstruction efforts in South Ossetia.
I bet, You haven't heard about it.

August 8, 2008
The killing of civilians continues
In the villages seized by the Georgian units, civilians killed in their homes, is trimming "each Ossetians, despite the sex and age". They are mainly elderly people and women, and children who remained not departed from the Republic. The number of victims reaches 50 people. The genocide of Georgians knows no boundaries

Source - IA OSinform.

Georgia continues information war and deprives its citizens of Russian News
Georgia 9 August with stops broadcasting Russian TV reported the head of the international media center in Tbilisi, Georgy Gabashvili.
"By decision of the Georgian government, tomorrow will cease broadcasting of Russian TV companies in the territory of Georgia. This decision stems from the fact that Russian TV channels are missinformating people in connection with events in South Ossetia " - said Gabashvili.
In doing so Gabashvili forgot to say that the Russian and Ossetian correspondents are working in Tshinvale under Georgian fire. Sometimes it is the only real information from the field, since mobile communication with the city carried out with great difficulty. Russian channels provide real images of events, as confirmed by sources in Tshinvale. Previously, Georgians bombard the TV in the village of Kvernet, Ossetian sites regularly subjected to attacks. Georgia is trying to information obestochit South Ossetia.

South Ossetia: The disease has gone too far, and should be to treated surgically.
Attempting Georgian blitzkrieg failed, but the war in South Ossetia continues. According to the most preliminary results, the victims of Georgian forces was about one and a half thousand people. Russian Units of the 58th army took control of individual districts in the capital of South Ossetia, which, incidentally is now as such not existing.
Earlier, the Georgian armed forces were given an ultimatum to leave the capital of South Ossetia - Tskhinvali to 18:00, but it had not been fulfilled. Term of ultimatum expired, and two tank columns of the 58th - Army RF entered Tskhinval through the Zarskaya road and began shelling the positions of the Georgian military. On the streets of Tskhinvali burn hit Georgian tanks. Ossetian forces trying to restore the lost positions.


Georgian military forces shelled convoy with the wounded people, coming from South Ossetia

Convoy of the wounded, coming from South Ossetia to Russia, was attacked by Georgian armed forces, told "Interfax" Assistant of Russian ARmy leader Igor Konashenkov.
"Thanks to the staff of the OSCE mission was agreed to evacuate the wounded. However, according the words of wounded, when the convoy reached the road leading from South Ossetia, Georgian artillery opened fire on the convoy," - Konashenkov said.
According to his words, Russian military take all measures to evacuate remaining in the combat zone wounded peacekeepers.

Tskhinval subjected to regular artillery fire from Georgian villages
Tskhinval subjected to regular artillery fire from Georgian villages.
South Ossetian armed groups hold defence.
Currently, civilians hiding in basements. Already the third day they had no water, gas and light. People sit without food, in an information vacuum, not knowing whether their relatives are alive and what was happening throughout the city. No connection, charging mobile phones sat down. The situation is catastrophic!

Georgian snipers hamper the delivery of the wounded to hospitals in South Ossetia
Georgian snipers are firing on the road colony, delivering the wounded to hospitals in South Ossetia, said the official representative of the Government of South Ossetia Irina Gagloeva.

"Delivery of the wounded to hospitals is difficult because of sniper fire, which spread in the border areas of the city," - said Gagloeva. "They have spared no one," - said the official representative government.

Also, she said, the Georgian side shelled Tskhinvali from the rocket fire installations "Grad" and artillery shells. "Georgian troops continued shelling the city from artillery and Grad, - said Gagloeva.

Earlier, a soldier of Northen Osetia peacekeeping battalion reported that the fights were already outside Tskhinvali near its southern borders. Russian soldiers, he said, denuded local area from the Georgian military.
He also reported that there were casualties among North Osetian and Russian peacekeepers, refined data.

The previous evening came to the city residents of neighbouring villages talk about the large number of deaths and that the Georgian military captured several women.

Inal Pliev from Tshinval: this war is aimed at complete destruction of the civilian population
There are fallings of bombs into the homes located in close proximity to the border. Fire and smokeare everywhere. Ongoing intimidation and nervousness injection of civilian population. The number of victims is unknown to me, because for obvious reasons, we are sitting in shelter. I believe that the number of victims will increase in times.
Recently on Georgian radio Saakashvili said: " we gained victory over Russia, and Georgian troops are in the conflict zone and in full control of Tskhinval and Ossetian separatists will be destroyed".
He also voiced the number of victims Ossetian sides in 1500 people, stating that fights not with the peaceful population, but with bandits.
But in such a small society like South Ossetia, physically can not be 1500 bandits. It is clear that all this is being done to gain some political dividends. This war is not directed at any political victory, this war is aimed at complete destruction of the civilian population.

Georgia does not let evacuate from Tshinvala civilians and journalists
Russian and foreign journalists appealed to the international community to organize a corridor for their evacuation and evacuation of civilian population. In Tshinvale fierce fighting. Shot remnants of buildings. Georgia denied a request.

Eyewitnesses reported that in South Ossetia are autotrains with NATO equipment.
From Batumi towards South Ossetia are moving autotrains with NATO equipment without licence plates, told "Interfax" on Saturday evening by calling witnesses. According to them, the local georgian population is relying on the help of NATO in the conflict with South Ossetia. Moreover, eyewitnesses said, to the south from Batumi in the sea near the border are Turkey ships.

Residents of Tskhinvali asked to save them from Georgian fascists!
The number of victims of Georgian fascists in South Ossetia has reached more than two thousand people, Russian media reported. From survivors civilians received calls and SMS with pleads for help. People under fire not only have no possibility to leave, but to rise from the basement. Today, as a result of direct hit a boy was killed when he went to the house at the time of lull.

Georgians kill the survivors of women and children in Tshinvale - citizens of the Russian Federation.
At the southern and south-western outskirts of Tskhinvali from the Georgian kept fighting infantry. Resistance is retained, but a small group of Georgian special forces entered the city, they abandoned grenades into basements where women and children hid. To the south-east of Tskhinvali arrive Georgian tanks.

Georgians bombed Tskhinval prohibited weapons.
On the streets of Stalin in Tshinvale in one of the destroyed houses was found cluster bomb foreign proceeding.
Cluster bomb is a shell, which is torn in the air, throughing out in the area a significant number of damaging elements. Cluster bombs have a very broad zone of destruction and can remain in soil for several years, while retaining the ability to detonation.
Nearly 100 countries have decided to renounce the use of the bomb.

Not only Russians and Osetians are suffering. Read the following:

A mother of shot Georgian reservist had a heart attack.
According to the latest information order of shooting four reservists, who boycotted the call in the Georgian army, gave the Georgian Defence Minister David Kezerashvili.

The mother of one of the dead Laura Zurabishvili, was hospitalized with symptoms of acute heart failure, transmits from Tbilisi correspondent portal Eurasia Kakha Gogitidze.

Recall about previously reported cases of massive dissolution of reservists called to the barracks, which occurred in the town of Gori. Many reservists were taken home by parents, who are scared by huge losses of Georgian army under the Tskhinvali.

In the center of Tbilisi were massive protests against war with Russia Saakashvili
In the center of Tbilisi began massive protests against Mikhail Saakashvili launched the war with Russia.

According to our information, several thousand people gathered last night on Rustaveli Avenue to demand stop the bloody mincers, which hit the Georgian army in South Ossetia.

During the shares were calls for the resignation of Saakashvili and the immediate cessation of hostilities.

Crimea and South-East Ukraine does not agree with Yushchenko's support of Georgia
The political crisis erupted in Ukraine in connection with the active support of the Ukrainian authorities Georgian aggression against South Ossetia.

Opposition parties accuse the "orange regime" in the arms of Georgia and actual participation in the genocide of South Ossetia.

In Crimea, as well as in major cities of South-East of Ukraine have been massive protests against Ukraine support the carnage perpetrated by Georgians in Tskhinvali on August 8.

I desperately hope, you will learn smth. new from this site!!
10th-Aug-2008 01:22 pm - From the very begining...
One of the very first messages from Osetia.

URGENT: Georgia announced the world and began firing Tskhinval August 7, 2008
At 23:45 Tshinvale renewed fire from the Georgian villages. As the correspondent IA OSinform fire, conducted in all areas of the city installations "Grad".

The next one
Georgia officially declared war on South Ossetia. This was stated in these minutes,- Security Council Secretary Anatoly Barankevich South Ossetia reports to correspondent of IA Osinform. Tskhinval was attacked with "Grad". Recently in South Ossetia electricity was cut off.
Interested, what "Grad" means exactly? Ok, Grad is a name of multiple-launch rocket systems, used to destroy and suppress the manpower and military equipment opponent in concentration areas, to destroy and suppress artillery and mortar batteries, to destroy fortifications, the strongholds of resistance and the enemy nodes.

Ok, you might be wondering the next *WHY?* Why Russia didn interfered? Do You really suppouse Russia (a huge country) to be in a strong need for a tiny piece of land? Do You REALLY think, Russia needs it for improving its economy, or for reinforcing its influence in region???
Did Mr. Saakashvily mentioned, that... Well, I even have no hope, but did he mentioned, that the majority of Osetians have Russian passports and Russian citizenship? Oh,sorry, maybe he's just forgotten about it?
Well, here follow several next reports, maybe they'll clarify smth.

Tskhinval continues to defend. The city is not taken

Intensive shelling of Tskhinvali continues. The peaceful population of the capital of South Ossetia is located in shelters in their homes. It is reported correspondent IA REGNUM, under fire at the scene. He stressed that, despite ongoing hostilities, the city is not taken by Georgian troops, and continues to resist.

The Georgian units entered the Tskhinval, street battles are ongoing. At one reports coming from the city, Georgians took center of Tskhinvali, on the other - kept fighting on the outskirts of Tskhinvali. As the witness of Tskhinvali, Georgians have a great loss.
Destroyed almost all residential areas. City in flames and ash. Among the dead - women and children and elderly patients. The hospital and the maternity hospital in Tskhinvali were also bombarded . According to unofficial reports the 58th Russian army is moving in the direction of the border. However, no action in its zone of conflict was conducted. However, Georgian media, continuing information war, causing pre-emptive strike, has already claimed about Russian planes that shot at Georgian positions. At night there was an attack on Ossetian Internet media, sites are not opened, in addition, the Georgian side has created a clone of site osinform.ru with false information.

Putin said that the aggressive actions of Georgia will trigger retaliatory action
Moscow. 8 August. INTERFAX.RU - The Georgian leadership has taken aggressive actions against South Ossetia, effectively starting the fighting. The Head of State, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at a meeting with President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev said: "Of course, this will trigger retaliatory action".

Russia has an official contingent of peacekeepers on Osetian territory. According to the rules of international law, fighting with peacekeepers is strictly forbidden. Georgia is the only country, that doesn't care. At the first night, they had already slelled barracks, where Russian peacemakers located.



Medvedev: "I am obliged to protect Russian citizens"

Russia will not tolerate impunity death of their compatriots in the Caucasus, Dmitry Medvedev told President in Kremlin at the emergency meeting with members of the Security Council of Russia.
"In accordance with the Constitution and federal law, as president of the Russian Federation, I am obliged to protect the lives and dignity of Russian citizens, wherever they are. The logic of the steps we are now dictated by these circumstances. We will not allow unpunished deaths of our compatriots. The perpetrators will suffer deserved punishment" -- Said Dmitry Medvedev.

As pointed out by Dmitry Medvedev, "The situation came to that peacekeepers from the Georgian side fired on Russian peacekeepers, with whom were obliged to carry out its mission to preserve peace in the region" - emphasized.


UN Security Council, the morning did not solve over South Ossetia, the evening will meet again
UN Security Council will meet again at a meeting to discuss the situation in South Ossetia. This ITAR-TASS reported citing diplomatic sources at the UN.

It is expected that the Council meeting held at the request of the Georgian side. His start is scheduled for 15:00 New York time (23:00 Moscow time).

Recall that in every previous Security Council convened on Friday early morning in Moscow, but razoshelsya nothing about deciding Ossetian conflict. Russia Permanent Representative to the UN Vitay Churkin said the Security Council failed to respond adequately to the event.

Meanwhile, another organization - the OSCE - called on Friday to halt fighting in South Ossetia. This statement was made by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland, which currently chairs the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

"Intense fighting in the conflict zone in South Ossetia risked escalate into full-scale war" - warned Minister Alexander Stubb. According to him, this war will have a devastating impact on the entire region. "


UN Security Council does nothing and...what on earth should we do? Wait? Wait, till all our people there will be killed? No. Never.
If Russia wanted just to fight and win, it wouldn't evacuate thousands of people from Osetia, it wouldn't help them.
I'm sure, You hasn'been shown even a piece of videos, where Osetian and Russian women are hurrying in evacuation buses, to escape. You haven't been shown refugees camps with crying children, trying to phone their fathers and failing again and again.
I'm not surprised. Westarn Goverment has only one-side truth.

Wanna see the other?
10th-Aug-2008 12:49 pm - First post
This community was created for those, whose ability to THINK and ANALYSE is not destroyed by false and provocative statements of some people. In Russia we have an opportunity to get information from both sides. Statements of Saakashvily, Bush and leaders of some other countries are being broadcasted as well, as messages from our leaders and journalists.
So, we come to the first big *WHY?*: WHY lots of russian sites and channels are blocked in Georgia, US and EU? We have access to Euronews, CNN, BBC... Have you watched any reports of our media?
Here, You'll have an opportunity at least to read. Make your brain work. Please, do it for humanity.
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